A Wingshooter's Paradise in Argentina

Argentina is literally a shooter’s paradise. The country's diverse wildlife include ducks, dove, perdiz, and pigeon. We have single species lodges and great combination hunting lodges to fulfil our hunters’ ambitions for an unrivalled shooting adventure. Stay in stately 19th century Estancias that have been transformed to offer elegantly appointed accommodations. Experience some of the finest lodging, chef prepared dining, and Argentine hospitality along with a fine bottle of Malbec.

Seasons at a glance:
Ducks: Mid April – mid August
Perdiz: 1st May – 31st July annually
Pigeons: 1st May – 15th Sep (La Torcaza), April – August (El Monte)
Doves: available year-round.
Gun rental available at all locations.

Decoyed Ducks - Jacana Lodge, Estancia Santa Rita

Blinds are well placed and scouted, providing the best possible opportunities at several South American duck species. You’ll hunt well maintained, species-specific, decoy sets, and motion decoys. Your guide will be nearby, to assist with bird identification, calling, and anything else you may need throughout your hunt.

Ducks, Doves, Perdiz - Los Crestones Lodge, Riverplate shooting – Entre Rios

Morning hunts offer ample species of puddle ducks decoyed over dry blinds. Following a traditional asado lunch, afternoons can be spent dove shooting or walking for hard-flushing perdiz over pointers.

Ducks and Perdiz - Estancia Santa Rita Perdiz available 1st May - 1st July

Hunt twelve species of decoyed ducks among La Pampa grain-producing flyway from innovative dry barrel and suspended platform blinds. Topography features diverse lakes, potholes, sloughs, and rivers. They offer Perdiz as bonus hunts based on season and current population.

Doves & Decoyed Pigeon - El Monte Lodge - March – August
Decoyed Pigeon Only - La Torcaza - May – September

There are few places in the world where wild pigeons exist is such abundance that they’re considered a premier species for hunters. The world’s most experienced guns rank wild pigeons among bird hunting’s greatest challenges.

Dove Only Lodges - Volume shooting open year-round! - Pica Zuro, La Dormida, Cordoba Lodge

Dove shooting is open year-round with unique shooting styles changing as the seasons transition during the year.  Here you can enjoy literally unlimited bird shooting. Pigeons and doves are considered pests who do immeasurable damage to agriculture in Argentina.

Your shell count can be measured by the case and not the box! On an afternoon dove you might shoot 1,000 cartridges if you are ambitious. However, even a light shooter will fire a dozen boxes in an afternoon without much effort.

Contact Tarquin Millington-Drake or Roddy Hall to find out more!

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