Ask The Expert

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in Alaska and Canada fishing, and South America fishing and big game programs.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in South America wingshooting and Mongolia fishing programs.

Department Manager

Specializes in South America fishing and shooting departments. Plus, fishing in Mongolia and Canada.

UK Managing Director

Manages Frontiers UK office.

UK Sporting Specialist

Deals with Alphonse, Argentina, Iceland, Russia, and UK Shooting and Stalking.


Tsimane - Agua Negra Lodge

National Park and Indigenous Territory Bolivia; fly fishing for Golden Dorado.

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La Leyenda Lodge

High volume doves along the vast cortinas of Santa Cruz Province, Bolivia

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Tsimane - Pluma Lodge

Three unique golden dorado rivers from one premier 8-guest lodge

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Tsimane - Secure Lodge

Spin Fish for Golden Dorado in the Jungles of Bolivia

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