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Laxa I Adaldal – Laxardal - Overview

Above the famous salmon beats of the Laxa River in Adaldal on the north coast of Iceland are two beats called Laxardalur and Myvatnssveit. These two areas combined have over twenty miles of brown trout fishing and are divided into 15 beats, each accommodating between one and three rods.  Each year numerous browns between 5 and 7 pounds are landed, with the occasional 8- to 9-pound fish making an appearance. The river has also produced three fish of over 12 pounds.

The lower beat, Laxardalur, is wide and shallow and is a little like bonefishing for trout. The upper section at Myvatnssveit is wonderfully braided with fast runs, pocket water, and crystal clear sections. Pools for the most part are grass-banked, wide, and possessing a relatively even bottom. There are intermittent lava shelves that drop away, hidden from someone reading the surface, and in turn creating some excellent lies. As these fish live in fast and powerful water they are extremely strong, and hooking one will test your tackle and skill.

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