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Bolivia Freshwater Fishing

Bolivia Golden Dorado Fishing

Every once in a while a destination comes along that meets, exceeds and then totally blows away your highest expectations. Based on my travel experience, destinations such as the Ponoi River, Mongolia and the Seychelles come to mind. I did not expect this to happen when I packed my bags for Bolivia; heck, I even doubted it would happen and I was too busy to leave the office anyway. Well, guess what? We have a unique destination that will stop you in your tracks.

In September of 2009, Frontiers staff members Hank Ingram and Steff Jones had the opportunity to visit Tsimane River Lodge in the Bolivian Amazon Jungle at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The lodge had only been open a few weeks in what was a very limited inaugural season for a destination that has taken the fly fishing world by storm. In September 2011 Frontiers Sr. Fishing Manager Tom Gilliland made a repeat visit to track improvements, test new fisheries and do a little exploration of his own with some of our longtime friends and lodge staff.  Needless to say Tom returned with a huge smile and some impressive photos and videos of the experiance.

Offering fly fishing only for giant golden dorado in the midst of remote Indian preserves, Tsimane is more than a fishing experience, it is an adventure of a lifetime. As your charter plane approaches the Andes, there is a clear line where the altitude climbs just to the point where sub-tropic growth collides with mountainous hardwood stands. Here the rivers also change from broad sandy bands to crystal-clear freestone streams nestled among the canyons.

Seasonally, May through October, schools of enormous golden dorado follow migrating schools of Sabalo, their main forage, from the vast rivers to the south and west into these pristine mountain rivers to feed. The result? Anglers can expect to cast to marauding schools of ravenous fish as they drive shoals of bait up onto dry land. Alternately, fishermen can go "boulder hopping" as the rivers cascade down working pocket water for fish well into the 20-plus pound range. A hookup here means you have some work and hiking ahead of you as these fish are brute strong, prone to savage takes and blistering runs while weaving through the boulders at full speed. Or perhaps top water is your game and site casting a 0/3 slider to fish cruising the flats and back eddies is your idea of a perfect moment. It's all good and just another week with Tsimane Lodge.

Because the week is broken into two lodge experiences, Secure and Pluma, we have chosen to give each stop its own Web page. Some of the information such as "Getting There" is similar while areas such as "Fishing" and "Gear" have unique information and observations. So click through, enjoy and contact us soon to plan your trip. See you in Bolivia.

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