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Known as the "Land of Ice and Fire", Iceland is a volcanic island that has erupted out of the north Atlantic over the ages. From the glacial plateaus of the heartland to the lush green slopes of the farming regions, this is a land of extremes, attracting travelers from around the world. It is a country that has something to offer all who enjoy the outdoors but, in particular, those that enjoy spending their time casting a fly.

For the fisherman, Iceland is a perfect destination. It not only boasts some amazing brown trout and char fishing, but it has an extraordinary number of rivers around its coastline into which Atlantic salmon pour during the summer months from June to September. Those who have fished for Atlantic salmon the world over say that Icelandic salmon fishing is unquestionably the most interesting to be experienced.


But why Iceland? Fascinating, visual, easy and demanding are all words that come to mind. The beautiful clarity of the water affords perfect visibility but demands caution when approaching a pool to give best results. It is often debated which is most enjoyable - to fish or to peer from the nearest rock face and see a salmon rise through the water column to engulf a tiny fly riding in the surface film. The fishing also requires innovative techniques utilizing small wet flies, or skated flies, as well as true dry flies with multiple fly changes and speeds. There can be few more memorable fishing moments than your first take from an Atlantic salmon on a skated fly in gin clear water.

To complement this extraordinary fishing, you will find high standards of accommodation and cuisine with many of the lodges recruiting staff from the best hotels and renowned culinary establishments in Reykjavik. The guides too are exceptional; for them, fishing is a way of life and many give up their winter jobs in order to guide through the summer. Their knowledge of the rivers and the required fishing techniques are second to none, proving invaluable if you are to have a successful fishing trip.

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