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Slovenia Fishing - Overview

Location: Slovenia

Season: March-November


For fly fishing enthusiasts, there perhaps is no other nation in the world quite like Slovenia. With many miles of fishable water (much of it owned and managed by private clubs) on a wide selection of rivers and streams winding through a country roughly the size of Connecticut, the opportunities for anglers are endless, diverse and easily accessible. In the northwest section of the country, choose from a plethora of gin-clear alpine and freestone rivers, ranging from the narrow Radovna, where the wild brown, rainbow and brook trout are smaller but ridiculously plentiful, to the mighty Soča, a challenging, turquoise-hued river that holds trophy-sized marble trout -- the signature prize of Slovenian angling! A short drive south of the capital city of Ljubljana is the Unec, a celebrated chalk stream known for large grayling that annually draws a high number of anglers from around the globe, and a bit farther east you'll find the Krka, known for numerous cascades and sizeable brown trout.

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