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About the Frontiers Gear Team:

In partnership with our longtime product specialists, 7Days Outdoors, Frontiers can provide expert advice and support on finding the right gear for your trip. A member of our Frontiers Gear Team will draw on thousands of hours in the field to recommend exactly what you need and what you don’t.

Whether you have questions about how and what to pack, looking for a new fly rod and reel or need a pair of great binoculars – we’re happy to help.

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Mike Fitzgerald


Trip Specific Recommendations:

Rods: We strongly recommend the use of two-handed rods to most efficiently fish the river.  We encourage you to take one of 13 to 14 feet for a 9 or 10-weight line.  For a single-handed rod, we've found a 9-, 9 1/2- or 10 footer for a #8 line to be about ideal for covering the water and for optimal sport.

Reels: A quality reel is crucial for playing big sea trout.  A strong, smooth drag is a must.  Reels (and spare spools) should have capacity for the fly line and 150 yards of 20-lb backing.

Lines: For two-handed rods, the Rio-Windcutter® Spey line with Interchangeable tips has proven to be an excellent choice for the Rio Grande, and the new generation Rio line, the Rio Power Spey with Interchangeable tips, is excellent for the experienced spey angler.  A Teeny 350 to 450 is recommended in case of high water.

For single-handed rods in Tierra del Fuego, anglers should include at least three lines to accommodate variance in water levels and wind conditions.  Weight forward fly lines are generally used on the Rio Grande.  Take a conventional weight-forward floating line, a sinking-tip line: Teeny Nymph, Rio Dredger, Rio Versitip or other sinking line for a single handed rod and an intermediate line.  The 200 and 300 grain sinking-tip lines have proven to be excellent, and at least one of these should be considered as a must-take item.

Leaders: Experience on the Rio Grande indicates that sea trout aren't particularly leader shy.  Spools of mono should include 20-, 15- 12- and 10-lb. breaking strenghts.  Made up leaders aren't necessary since a few feet of mono will do fine.

Flies: Here is a basic working fly list.  Collie Dog tube flies 3 1/2 -4 1/2" long, both aluminum and copper bodies, with hard plastic tubing and #4 wide-gap hooks), Bunny leech, Zonker, Wooly Bugger (black/olive), articulated string leech types, with electric blue flash on #2-4 hooks, Peacock (now a staple at KT, tied on #2-4 hooks), Girdle or Yuk Bug with rubber legs (#4-12), Bitch Creek nymphs (orange and black for preference, #4-12), Bead headed nymphs (Prince, Hare's Ear, etc., #10-14), Bomber or other waking dry flies (natural deer, black, green on #4-8hooks), Wonder Bugs (#8-12 hooks, black and purplr with yellow legs).

Waders: We suggest Gore-Tex stocking-foot waders made of nylon, which fold into a compact package.  Lightweight wading shoes with felt or Aqua Stealth, possibly with studs are an excellent choice for Rio Grande.


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