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Andros Island Bonefish Club - Fishing

You fish from Dolphin Super Skiffs, complete with poling platforms and spacious casting decks. Rupert Leadon personally leads and trains his competent staff of native guides, most of whom are highly skilled at flats fishing. But there is more than just bonefish at this great lodge. Less than a mile to the east is a deep channel called the "Tongue of the Ocean," which drops from shallow water to thousands of feet of blue water. From this channel, huge barracudas work their way onto flats. It's not uncommon to see 'cudas of four feet or longer in water less than two feet deep -- and they will take a well-placed fly or lure.

There are areas along the eastern shore of Andros where large permit can be found on the flats. For the angler who is always seeking virgin waters and above-average size fish, Andros Island Bonefish Club offers the option of fishing the west side of Andros Island, "The Land of the Giants." This option is based on weather, tide conditions, and availability of boats and guides. The trip is an hour and a half by boat from the club, so there is an additional cost. While not in large numbers, some tarpon in the 30-90 pound range will occasionally be seen in the summer months on the western side of Andros.

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