2024 Openings at Talaheim Heli Lodge, Alaska

Absolute Isolation less than 100 miles from Anchorage!

This unique Heli fishing program is just a short, 45-minute charter flight from Anchorage but it’s a location you will likely see no other anglers for the entirety of your stay. Access issues keep other lodges away as you can’t land a float plane or operate a jet boat in most of this area. The Heli is your magic carpet ride to drop you into rivers and streams that are only accessible by this unique transportation.

Guests fish small, undisturbed tributaries where it will be just you, your guide, and a multitude of cooperative fish. All salmon species, rainbow trout, dolly varden, arctic char, and grayling are present and all just a short flight from the lodge. These fish are truly wild, and it shows in the way they recklessly chase and attack a fly.

Talaheim again is offering a couple's week where they cater to couples in a special way...not just fishing.  Expect a glacier or mountain top landing, plus special lunches, fly fishing lessons, and day floats down wilderness rivers. Their helicopters enabled them to fish every stream regardless of water depth.

Here are current 2024 weeks available. Conventional gear anglers welcome.

  • June 30-July 6.  Opening for 8 anglers
  • July 7-13.   Opening for 6 anglers
  • July 14-20.   Opening for 6 anglers – Couples Week!!
  • July 21-27.  Opening for 2 anglers
  • August 25-31.  Opening for 4 anglers  
  • Sept 1-7. Opening for 8 anglers

Each week begins Sunday morning with a flight to Talaheim Lodge and ends Saturday evening with a flight back to Anchorage (45-minute flight per direction – about 80 miles).  Both travel days are fishing days so you’ll get six nights lodging and seven days of fishing.  All guests will get a one-hour glacier tour late afternoon after fishing. This is a hands-on experience investigating their own "private glacier" just minutes from the lodge. It’s an experience you don’t usually find at a fishing lodge.

To hear more about the lodge and fishing, contact Tom Gilliland.

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