A Productive & Pristine Fishery: Exclusive Access Aboard the Georgiana in Cuba

If the thought of fishing unpressured flats and not seeing another boat all day appeals to you, then you will love fishing the Zapata National Park in Cuba.  Only the Georgiana, a 100-foot live aboard yacht, with her six Dolphin skiffs are permitted to fish the nearly 1.5 million acres of pristine white sand beaches and mangrove-lined lagoons that are nearly devoid of all human contact. With super slam species cruising the flats and backcountry lagoons, as well as other game species like barracuda and cubera snapper, each time the skiff makes a stop can present an incredibly different and exciting fishing scenario. The Georgiana’s six staterooms can hold up to 8 anglers per week, perfect for intact groups of friends and family alike. The Saturday-to-Saturday fishing program offers guests three days of fishing in a single boat and three days fishing with a partner. With the Georgiana moored near productive flats, boat runs tend to be shorter here than some other destinations. Where else can you get this much bow time? For those that like to wade fish, there are ample opportunities for bonefish, of course, but also juvenile tarpon in backcountry lagoons and tailing permit on shallow flats. All together this makes visiting Cuba and fishing the Zapata National Park a must-see for the travelling fly fisherman.  

Frontiers has the following weeks for the 2024 season.  Rods will be sold on a first come first serve basis.

  • MAY 18-25, 2024
  • JUNE 8-15, 2024

If you have ever wondered about what fly fishing in Cuba might be like, or if you’d like to experience Cuba in a different way, you now have an opportunity. Please contact Ben Hoffman for more information. 

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