Frontiers - Worldwide for 50 years

Sporting - Fishing, Shooting, Hunting

The sporting travel world has changed dramatically since Frontiers opened its doors in 1969 but the core need for sound, experienced advice remains as imperative as ever, if not more so. The key to a travel advisory service is a good understanding and trust between client and advisor and nothing beats experience and knowledge. Frontiers has been involved with developing some of the great sporting destinations such as saltwater fishing on Christmas and Alphonse Islands, salmon fishing in Iceland and Russia, the sea trout fishing and dove shooting in Argentina to name a few. Such destinations all have a household reputation today. Since 1969 our knowledge and ability to advise on sporting destinations around the world has only increased.

Elegant Journeys and Bespoke Travel

As Frontiers' reputation grew in outdoors travel, the Elegant Journeys or Bespoke Department was created in 1983 to respond to increasing requests from our discriminating clientele to assist with deluxe, customized itineraries in addition to their sporting trips. They expected the same core philosophies upon which the company was founded: personalized service, attention to detail and first-hand credibility. We delivered! Now, more than three decades later, this branch of Frontiers is thriving with a loyal, savvy client following. Widely recognized as a top leisure agency we are part of Virtuoso, Four Seasons Preferred Partners, The Dorchester Diamond Club, Belmond, A & K, Linblad Expeditions, Seabourn and Silversea Cruises.

A Modern Company with a Long History

Founded in the United States in 1969, and in the UK in 1993.
With more than 60 employees between two offices, Frontiers is based on three core values to which it adheres.

  • Getting to know our clients and listening intently to their objectives.

  • Candid advice on those objectives based on first-hand knowledge and years of experience.

  • A professional, contemporary travel service committed to executing an unprecedented level of service and attention to detail.

Come for the destination, stay for the relationship...

Our Founders

A dentist and a school teacher, the late Mike and Susie Fitzgerald founded Frontiers as a result of disappointing fishing and shooting trips of their own. They believed there was a place for a company that specialized in sporting travel and could give reliable, first hand, advice. Together they pioneered the sporting travel business and grew Frontiers into a global brand with an unmatched reputation for quality and service. Their two children, Mike Jr. and Mollie Fitzgerald, along with over 60 employees are ushering a new era in world-class sporting and luxury travel.

Meet the Team

Over 250 years of combined travel expertise.
Our team shares your passion for the outdoors.

Frontiers does more exploratory travel and on-site evaluation than any other travel company. Our experts visit the places they love every year to stay up-to-date on the best accommodations and activities and to keep in touch with our partner organizations on the ground. Our unparalleled destination knowledge spans the globe. We are uniquely able to help our clients compare options within the context of their preferences, objectives, budgets and past travel experiences.

Meet the Team


Do you have a passion for travel and the ability to translate your enthusiasm and knowledge into sales? Join a small group of specialized travel professionals dedicated to customized international sporting and leisure travel with unsurpassed customer service. Submit your cover letter and resume to our Human Resources department today.