Alaska – Now is the Time to Book 2020 Space

Now is the prime time to explore 2020 fishing options for Alaska. Most lodges are in the process of closing for the season and giving this year’s guest the option to return. Most of the lodges will be ready to release their available space for the 2020 season in the coming weeks.

Frontiers partners with lodges of all varieties from full fly-out lodges where you’ll fish a new and wonderful river daily, fixed based lodges or camps where you will fish via jet boat daily from a permanent lodge, and lodges that combine both fly-out fishing and local fishing to experience the best of both. We also have some very comfortable float trips where you’ll be tent camping and floating a selected river for the week. Small groups, large groups, corporate groups, families, and friends, we have something for everyone.

The fishing season starts as early as April for Steelhead, and there are fishing opportunities well into October. Mid-June through late September is the salmon season which garners the most attention. Don’t overlook the trout fishing; we have lodges dedicated solely to chasing rainbows, and Alaska offers some of the best trout fishing in the world.

Give us a call for details, and I’ll suggest a specific part of the season to give you the best opportunity to target the species of your choice. We will suggest specific lodges that will satisfy your ambitions. If you don’t know what you want, we would be happy to hear what your vision of an Alaska fishing trip may be and make suitable recommendations.  We are confident we will find the right lodge and date for your dream trip to experience the Last Frontier.

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