An Exceptional Dove Hunting Experience at El Monte Lodge, Argentina

High-Volume Hunting Opportunities in March & This Year's Season-Ending Report

While doves remain busy raising the last of many annual hatchings, the last whisper of summer means the beginning of our next hunting season is upon us. Spectacular early fall weather turns our evenings by the fire pit into a welcomed event after having enjoyed the most amazing high-volume dove shooting day.  

March is the late roosting season with the eared dove preparing for colder weather. Although there is no intense agricultural activity, what makes this month so attractive is the predictable and phenomenal flyways from the roost to the final remaining feeding areas. This means high-volume hunting opportunities.

After many years in the area, the experienced El Monte Lodge team knows exactly where to set their blinds. Scouting together with the knowledge of local farming friends, they will have you in the right position at the right time!

You’ll enjoy not only the hunting but also the majestic views of perfect blue skies coupled with incredibly pleasant weather. Birds will be on the move to satisfy their appetites before the colder weather sets in. Not only does this fulfill our hunters’ desires, but it also greatly helps the local farmers who enjoy the many benefits traveling hunters bring to their lives. It benefits both the local economy and the farmer's never-ending struggle to keep bird numbers under control and crop damage to a minimum.

Sample Itinerary for Your March Trip:

Day 1: Arrive at Buenos Aires Ezeiza International Airport. You’ll be met and delivered to your private charter flight or your van transfer to El Monte Lodge. After freshening up, you’ll have an afternoon shoot. 

Day 2-3: Two full days of dove shooting. Morning and afternoon shoots daily. Have a wonderful asado lunch in the field or at the lodge and return for more action for the afternoon flight. Prepare for a wonderful dining experience served with exceptional Argentine wines. 

Day 4: Morning shoot. Enjoy lunch and depart via private charter or by van to Cordoba for connecting commercial flights and continue homeward. 

*With private charter flight: Group of 6 inclusive of charter flight: $4,395.00 per person. If less than 6, a surcharge will be applied. Contact us for details.

*Van transfer from Corboba: Group of 6 with van transfer – $2,800 per person. Cordoba/lodge/Cordoba (2 hours 45 minute drive per direction)

*Not included are hunting licenses ($210 per person), shells ($20 per box), and gun rental or $85 per gun/per day.


A Word from El Monte Lodge: Season-End Report

"Early this morning, coffee in hand scrolling through social media and news, I came across this quotation: “A society grows great when old men plant trees, a shade of which they know they will never sit in.”

As a sporting lodge owner, it made me reflect on stewardship and managing something with a very delicate balance. Simply using a resource without managing it is destined to lead to a decline in quality and ultimately risk collapse. We’ve learned that it requires continual effort and sound management practice to reinvigorate and sustain healthy populations that can withstand a managed amount of recreational hunting.

Doing so in a healthy and positive balance is the real challenge. We may never sit under that shade tree, but we nurtured and protected the resource so future generations may enjoy the beauty and serenity it displays.

It all started with a remote lodge located in an area with abundant wild dove and pigeon populations in the San Luis province of Argentina. It also evolved into a practice that Juan and Maria Alberdi have fully embraced and strive to achieve sustainable hunting.

As our years of experiences grew, we learned the importance of the wild resources at our dove and pigeon hunting lodge that extends well beyond the immediate hunting experience we deliver. It encompasses many unique aspects including ecological, economic, and ethical considerations that contribute to the sustainability and success of El Monte Lodge and the broader ecosystem.

We’ve had the opportunity to exchange ideas with ranch owners who educated us about the exact moment when birds begin to damage their crops. We’ve also learned much about irrigation systems and their vital importance in management. We consult with biologists and game wardens discussing bird habitat, their daily habits, life cycles, and the importance of sound hunting practices to ensure a healthy population year after year.

We continually communicate with local crop and cattle managers who help our scouts anticipate bird movements to establish the best shooting locations. We also speak with lonely gauchos, who by now expect our visits every year. Spending their days outdoors, they are a wealth of knowledge about the local wildlife populations.

Equally important is our hunters' experience at El Monte. Grandparents celebrating hunting with family, parents proud of their young ones, fathers sharing wonderful moments with their brave daughters and wives. We have met so many wonderful people and every one of them left a valued impression of the importance of the hunting legacy.

We are unsure about the future generations in Argentina and the importance they will place on nature, wilderness, and natural resources. We simply know we have continued learning and employing the best management practices for the past 20 years. Hopefully, there are many more years ahead.

We’d love to share El Monte’s experience with every sportsman around the world. We continue learning and growing in the art of promoting ethical hunting and sustainable hunting practices."

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