Argentina – AK Hunts – 2020 Final Red Stag Dates

Experience One of The Best Free Range Red Stag Hunts in Argentina

This is, in my opinion, the best free range Red Stag hunt you’ll find in Argentina. Frontiers has hosted a couple of groups here, and everyone harvested a very nice trophy and had daily sightings of “shooter” quality stag that were incredible. You’ll move about the ranch in a 4 x 4 truck and do lots of glassing from vantage points looking for the right stag. It’s a spot and stalk hunt from that point until you get into shooting position. The property is privately owned and massive, coming in at roughly 110,000 acres. The ranch holds plenty of hinds. The females and the rutting stag drop down from the mountains to breed. The booming “roar” of an adult stag is quite the experience. They only take about 12 stag per season off this property, and they focus on the largest 9+-year-old animals of the best quality. – Tom Gilliland

Hunters can use either bow or gun, and we’ve harvested super trophies with either weapon choice. All the deer on this ranch are 100% wild and deer transit freely through and outside the ranch with no restrictions at all. You’re guaranteed fair chase hunting experience that you’ll never forget in the picturesque setting in Argentina’s Patagonia Lake District. This hunt is a 2X1 hunter to guide ratio.

2020 rut dates available for four full days of hunting:

March 8 - 13

March 29 - April 3

April 5 - 10

These won’t last long, so if this is of interest, please call us today to find out more about this tremendous hunt.  

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