Argentina – Dorado Fisheries – Hank Ingram’s Dorado Roundup

Dorado Season is Year-Round in Argentina

In October and November of 2018, I did a sweeping road trip of all the Dorado fisheries in northeastern Argentina visiting all our Frontiers destinations, including Pira Lodge, Parana River Outfitters, Suinda Lodge, Delta Lodge and the Golden Dorado River Cruiser. 

The first thing that stuck out to me is the diversity of atmosphere and fisheries. I handpicked all these dorado destinations myself. However, each could not be more different than the next. Though three of them are on the Parana River, they are all in different regional sections offering their unique perspective to a common species.  Because of the region and diverse water, dorado fishing is year-round in Argentina. This makes the species the ideal experience for an add-on to a shooting trip, extending a fishing stay in Patagonia by a few days or doing a multi-lodge adventure as I did.  

I know each of the destinations, guides, staff and logistics and would welcome a conversation about what is rapidly becoming one of my favorite game fish species worldwide.  – South America Department Manager, Hank Ingram.

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