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Curious times indeed. My grandmother used to say, “this too shall pass,” and I have listened to her voice echo in my head over the last few weeks. Jane Ingram – my grandmother – was born in 1914 and lived through the great depression, World War I, and World War II, among other global phenomenon. When she passed, and I was cleaning out her home, I found a shoebox filled with bits of soap of all colors and sizes. My father explained to me that generations who lived through the depression learned to utilize all things. When soap bars became too small, they were saved and later pressed into full-size bars to use again – utilizing all available resources. I think about that conversation often and will even admit it may have shaped my life a bit.

Weather has been particularly cold and wet here in Pittsburgh, PA. Me? I’m working from home and spending a lot of time on my new gravel bike logging miles on our beautiful – socially distanced – rolling gravel roads and patiently waiting for our streams to clear and prolific local spring hatches to materialize. Many people do not realize how gifted the state of Pennsylvania is with clouds of hatches and trout fishing. If anyone is interested, check out the Keystone Select Waters projects online throughout PA. It is a forward-thinking program reviving copious miles of water in the state and complements our massive wild trout population on beautiful limestone and freestone rivers.

But as I ride along the rivers or wade in them, my mind always turns to Argentina and my longtime friends and guides who have put another forward-thinking species and destination on the map – the golden dorado of the Iberia Marsh and Parana River at Pira Lodge, Suinda and PRO among other magnificent Frontiers destinations. After this summer, when the weather turns cool again in the northern hemisphere, I am definitely packing up and heading for Argentina and the tropical marshlands to share a Mate and skate some mice for those glorious fish that have become a passion for me.

For now, my bike and local streams are my “bits of soap” that I am gathering to keep my mind at ease and to assure myself that destination travel is just around the corner and yes … that this too shall pass … and I will once again fish waters worldwide. 

- Hank Ingram, South America Department Manager

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We are out taking some great photos and will be uploading them very soon.