Argentina - Rincon de Luna Ranch - The Best Red Deer Hunt You’ll Ever Experience

Enjoy Four Argentinian Fall Hunting Days From March - April

I’ve been a deer hunter since I was 12 years old and it’s truly one of my passions in life. I’ve chased whitetails across the United States over the past few decades and love hunting new places. However, until I stepped outside of my comfort zone and went on a red deer hunt in Argentina, I had no idea what I was missing. The hunt provided a memory so vivid and powerful that it could never be bought, borrowed or taken away. I’ve recounted that hunt hundreds of times in my mind since. – Tom Gilliland

Red deer are somewhat smaller than elk, standing about four feet at the shoulder and weighing between 300 and 575 pounds. Mature stags sport five or more points per side, but what makes the red stag totally unique is that the antlers sweep out and up, culminating in clusters of "crown" points at the tips of the beams. On a good stag, these crown points are truly remarkable and very distinct. One of the things I enjoy most about international hunting is that it opens doors to interesting new places and wonderful cultural experiences.

April is springtime in North America, but in Argentina, they’re heading into fall and the rut or roar. If a mountain horseback hunt at Rincon de Luna during the rut is your style, you should consider this hunt.

Four Full Hunting Days Packages:
March 3 – 8 – Six spots
April 13 – 18 – Six spots
April 23 – 28 – Four spots
April 5 – 11 – Four spots (Tom Gilliland Frontiers hosted week – prime rut dates!)
May 11 – 16 – Six spots

In June and July, they offer a two hunter special that’s ideal for a graduation gift for your son or daughter. This is winter in Argentina, but the stag haven’t dropped their antlers yet. This is a nice cool weather hunt with daytime highs in the 60’s.

To see our hosted week itinerary click here.

To discuss this hunt with someone who’s hunted here, contact Tom Gilliland at Frontiers for more details.

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