Atlantic Salmon

Fly Fishing For Atlantic Salmon

The Atlantic Salmon is considered the king of all the salmon. For many, it is one of the first fish they will ever make a cast to. This etches a place in their hearts and many fishermen become obsessed with fishing for Atlantic Salmon. There is something very romantic about swinging a salmon fly across a pool hoping for a pluck or even a take. Anglers fish for Atlantic Salmon in some of northern Europe's most beautiful countries; Iceland, UK, Russia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

How Frontiers Can Help Your Dream Atlantic Salmon Become a Reality 

We have five decades of experience and our services are free. There are no surcharges for our efforts and advice. So why not give our team a call! Remember, we want to speak to you so we can best advise you! Below you will find a list of our fishing experts. Contact one of our consultants and they will do the following for you:

  • Talk you through the options and provide you with impartial advice that you will not receive directly from a lodge. We have 50 years of sporting travel experience!
  • If you like what you hear, we will book your trip and assist with all preparations.
  • Frontiers will provide you with our industry leading pre-trip prior to your departure, which will tell you what to pack and how things will work.
  • If you need equipment, we will put you in touch with some of the most knowledgeable people in the business. They will provide you with exactly what you need.
  • While you travel, Frontiers provides 24-hour emergency contact.

Fishing Tackle for Atlantic Salmon

Single-handed, switch or double-handed rods are the norm when fishing for Atlantic Salmon. The type of rod depends on the river you are fishing and your casting ability. Your reels need to have a nice smooth drag and should be able to hold ample backing. The best lines for salmon fishing are multi-tip lines that enable you to vary the sink rate depending on water height and temperature. We will provide you with the recommended tackle requirements for your destination prior to your departure. 

Fishing Flies for Atlantic Salmon

The world of Atlantic Salmon flies can be a daunting place; bombers, skaters, hitches, wet flies and tube flies. The options are almost endless but you will find certain fishermen swear by pattern x or y. In reality, they all work but certain colors are more effective in different water conditions. The most important aspects of a salmon fly are the size and weight. In heavy water, you need to be able to use a combination of fly lines and the fly to get the fly down to the fish. In low water, it's all about small flies and fishing on the surface with hitches or bombers which can result in some amazingly explosive takes. 

Ask The Expert

Program Manager

Specializes in the Ponoi and Iceland fishing programs, and Elegant Journeys.

Department Manager

Specializes in South America fishing and shooting departments. Plus, fishing in Mongolia and Canada.

Co-Owner, Global Destination Specialist

Specializes in Atlantic salmon fishing programs and heads up Elegant Journeys.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in Alaska and Canada fishing, and South America fishing and big game programs.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in South America and Iceland fishing programs.

Sporting Travel Specialist

Logistics Iceland and South America

Administrator for Iceland and South America.

UK Managing Director

Sporting Travel Consultant


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