Bahamas Hurricane Update

Our thoughts are with our fishing friends in the Bahamas who are dealing with the devastation of Hurricane Dorian. As you know from the news, the damage to Abaco and Grand Bahama is extremely significant, and we are waiting for more accurate, up-to-date reports from the lodges we represent. Restoration and recovery will need generous support from all of us who love the flats. A number of clients have already contacted us about making donations. We will provide additional details as to how we can collectively help to make sure that the funds are distributed to those who have the most need in the recreational fishing community. In the meantime, several lodges have already set up GoFundMe pages to support their guides and staff. We are happy to direct you to those sites.

We have been inundated with requests for information on bookings to lodges affected by hurricane Dorian.  However, since we are quite literally one-day-removed from both Grand Bahama and Abaco being under the assault, we have yet to get much in the way of accurate assessments as it pertains to overall damage, infrastructure (power, communications, road and airport openings) cleanup, rebuilds, etc. We are not yet in a position to make a call on most scenarios.  Please be patient as we are getting bits and pieces of information at the present time. Any news from the lodges that we do get will be passed along to all those clients that have bookings in place, and we will do our very best to help you either relocate/move your booking elsewhere, issue a lodge credit, refund your money when appropriate, and/or assist in processing your insurance claims.

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