Bahamas - North Riding Point Club – Newly Open Space for Some Big Bones

Prime Space Available to Tail Bonefish on Grand Bahama Island

One of the best big bonefish lodges in all the Bahamas, North Riding Point Club has just announced some prime April space that has just become available.

April 2 – 6, 2018: Eight rods / Four boats

April 13 – 16, 2018: Six rods / Three boats

The average size bonefish range from four to seven pounds. Trophy bones (over 10 pounds, and often in excess of 12 pounds) are encountered almost daily, and have earned North Riding Point Club the reputation as one of the top go to regions in the Bahamas for the bonefish of a lifetime. Permit make frequent appearances in NRPC waters as well, and in keeping with that theme – are quite large. You will see some “smaller fish” (10 – 15lbs.) once in a while, but these permit average 25 pounds and fish over 45 pounds have been seen!

Contact Frontiers to learn more about this well-appointed lodge and its big bonefish reputation.

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