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Frontiers In The Field Blog

Whether it’s stalking bonefish off the flats of Grand Bahama Island, catching trophy trout in gin-clear streams or world-class bird shooting and big game hunting -- we share your passion for the outdoors. Read about our research and discovery trips on our Frontiers in the Field blog.

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EJ in the Field Blog

Our experienced team of agents annually visits the destinations they represent to provide you with firsthand, unparalleled destination knowledge and establish a network of personal contacts to execute your arrangements flawlessly. This blog is dedicated to answering the question, “have you been there lately?”

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Tarquin Millington-Drake

Tarquin Millington-Drake has been the Managing Director of well-known sporting travel company, Frontiers Travel, in the UK since 1993. Consequently he has been lucky to travel extensively with rod, gun and camera at home and abroad.

In this blog, he shares his travels and experiences along the way with pen, camera and video. Some will be humorous and light-hearted, some news and views and finally some simply an appreciation for where he is and what he is doing.

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Richard Scrope

Richard began his career in the sporting business in 2008. He opened his own sporting travel company in 2012. He decided to join Frontiers in 2015. Richard has shot and fished in numerous countries around the world. His passion is deer stalking and management. He manages the deer on a southern England estate where he looks after clients throughout the year. Another passion is his photography; his travels around the world enable him to pursue his interest in varied and challenging locations. He is also an avid fisherman having grown up on the river Kennet.

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Toby Burrell

Toby grew up fishing a number of streams in north Northumberland, catching his first sea trout at the age of 5 on the Aln river. He has since travelled the world in pursuit of more exotic species. He has guided in numerous countries across Africa and in Argentina. Toby also has experience in lodge management after spending three years in Russia's Kola Peninsula. Toby's passion, other than fishing, lies with photography and his travels around the globe have allowed him to perfect his artistry behind the camera.

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