Bolivia – Agua Negra – VIP Program

Clients often ask what our favourite fly fishing trip has been to date. Well, without hesitation — Tsimane for Golden Dorado is very high on the list. This is something so unique and special that it’s difficult to put into words.  

The Tsimane fisheries have garnered worldwide attention, and this powerful and energetic apex predator has been attracting adventure-seeking fly fishermen from around the globe. The Agua Negra VIP program was born from the efforts of the short film “Jungle Angler” from the 2016 International Fly Fishing Film Festival. The very headwaters of the Agua Negra River was the perfect place to explore new waters where fish had never seen a fly, and the animals shared the jungle only with the Tsimane Indians. If this gets you excited – it was filmed exactly where you’ll be fishing. You’ll have shots at powerful Pacu, known as the freshwater permit, to add to the excitement. This trip is offered only once a year for four anglers and focuses on the Sabalo run, which is the Dorado’s main forage fish. The Sabalo run can only be compared in volume to the great Pacific Salmon runs. It’s a massive migration, and the Dorado take full advantage of this abundance of food.

This is jungle tent camping, so don’t expect the Ritz Carlton. You’ll need to do some significant hiking and wading to access these waters. You’ll be using native dugout canoes to access these remote and clear headwaters of the Agua Negra River. You’ll have conveniences in the camp like Wi-Fi, fine meals, and comfortable cots, but serious anglers come here for one reason and one reason alone. You’ll get a fishing experience like no other on this amazing river where the Amazon jungle crashes into the Andes. You have the opportunity to witness a myriad of colorful butterflies, parrots, tapir, howler monkeys, jaguar, and just about every type of jungle sight and sound imaginable.

Trip dates are June 18-28, 2020. Four rods gets your group exclusive use to experience, quite possibly, the finest fly fishing trip on the planet.


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