Cosmoledo Atoll: Seasonal Update, New Skiffs, & Remaining 2024 Rods

In the ongoing mission of environmental consciousness and improved angling experiences our fishing partners at Cosmoledo Atoll have made some interesting analyses and amendments to the 2024 / 2025 seasons as well as some welcomed additions to the fishing fleet:

Report from the Lodge:

"Cosmoledo is without a doubt the most sought-after fly-fishing destination in the world. Not only does it have the world's best flats fly fishing, but it is also one of the most pristine and untouched atolls. The tiny footprint of an eco-camp on the northern peninsula of Wizard Island creates an extremely comfortable and minimalistic base for guests to explore the vast flats, channels, and islands that make Cosmoledo so incredible. There is no better way of exploring this wonderland other than by skiff. As of this season, we will have a brand-new fleet of 8 skiffs consisting of 18.5 Ft Baymaster Skiffs - The same skiffs offered at Farquhar and Providence - specially designed to suit Seychelles atolls. Each skiff has a custom-designed poling platform, two comfortable seats, ample deck space, and a convenient lean bar on the bow providing the perfect setup for a comfortable day’s fly-fishing.

The amazing creatures that surround Cosmoledo have no choice but to adapt to the ever-increasing imposition of global warming. This has meant that phenomena like the red crab congregations have either moved later or grown in stature. Pre 2017 we would rarely experience red crab in the months of October and November but in recent years we have had to deal with massive numbers on numerous occasions. While the red crab congregation offshore is incredible for the health of the fishery it does leave the flats with very few GTs as they follow them offshore for an easy meal. When they do come back into the shallows they flood in with vigour.

Our guests travel extensively to experience Cosmoledo, and we expect to offer an amazing GT experience. Although you will generally have great fishing during early to mid-November there is the risk of low GT numbers if the crab turn up. Although some guests prefer the November period, we have made the hard and responsible decision to push the season back by 4 weeks. The fly-fishing season will now commence on the first spring tide at the end November into the beginning of December.  This not only benefits the guests but also benefits the atoll as it allows for a longer resting period, which will now be 7 months.

Conservation and preservation are of the highest priority for us at AFC. If we scroll back to our 2016 fish stats and compare each season from then until now, the GT numbers have remained relatively stable with around 1200 GTs caught and released each season. Something to note from last season is that we had our record-breaking tally of 215 GTs in a single week. Make no mistake Cosmoledo is the destination with the greatest number of GTs on this planet and is rightfully called the GT capital of the world."

Update on Availability: There are only 16 rods left for this season so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any interested anglers.

Cosmoledo Atoll:

  • Jan 4-11, 2024 NM 11 Jan (3 rods)
  • Feb 1-8, 2024 (4 rods)
  • Feb 15-22, 2024 (3 rods)
  • Mar 14-21, 2024 (1 rod)
  • Mar 28-Apr 4, 2024 (3 rods)

Providence Atoll:

  • Jan 14-21, 2024 (2 rods)

Interested in Cosmoledo or Providence? Reach out to Hank Ingram for further information, rates, and travel logistics. 

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