Costa Rica: Where the Mountains Meet the Oceans

Costa Rica is one of those unique destinations where you enjoy pristine beaches, thriving cities, cultural experiences, tropical rainforests, volcanos, and mountains – all in one trip!

An amazing array of experiences await you in Costa Rica:

  • The lure of the marvelous beaches, where you can kayak, surf, and above all else, watch a great sunset!
  • The call of nature and its exotic environment of the rainforest, cloud forest, and volcanos. Venture deep into the lush mountains, and dense forests -- there’s no shortage of exploration and fun!
  • Enjoy the city vibes in San Jose and Liberia, with their fast-paced energy that's full of museums, markets, and entertainment. 

Pura Vida is the country’s national saying, and it is a relaxed and positive attitude towards life! Costa Ricans use this to greet each other as well. Come experience Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

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