Dove and Decoyed Pigeon in the fertile San Luis province

El Monte Lodge, Argentina. Dove and decoyed Pigeon in the fertile San Luis province! Open dates for May/June 2024.

The province of San Luis is one of South America’s “bread baskets” with sprawling grain farms and established irrigation providing doves and pigeons with the ideal habitat and abundant food and water. In fact, the habitat is so well-suited for the birds that the doves do not even migrate.

El Monte Lodge is nestled between high hills, valleys, woods, and virgin low forest surrounding fields of peanut, wheat, sorghum, and corn, while plenty of irrigation pivots and feed lots dot the area. It's the perfect combination of components that create some of the best volume shooting known to man. Their specialty is high volume pass-shooting for doves, and the unique experience of decoyed pigeon hunts. The hunting season in El Monte runs from March to August. Pigeons are prime from mid-April to the end of June.

The Lodge sits between dove roosts and amazing dove flyways to the south and a main pigeon shooting area to the north. More than 250,000 acres of private land awaits hunters. Guests may enjoy a variety of quality hunting opportunities year-round.

2024 Dates Available (8 people maximum):

  • May 2–15, Entire lodge available. Select a set of dates for 4 or 5 nights(6 guests for exclusive use)
  • May 17–20, Space available for 3 hunters
  • May 26–30, Entire lodge open(6 guests for exclusive use)
  • June 6–10, Space available for 4 hunters

Hunters and non-hunting companions will have an amazing experience at this refined estate. Other than the outstanding hunting, guests may hike or horseback ride, visit local artisans, weavers, or tour an olive oil plantation just minutes from the lodge. The property features a luxurious and tastefully decorated English country home with six bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and furnished with either twin beds or king-sized beds as needed.

El Monte is a family-operated lodge that emphasizes personal service from a dedicated staff and features a remarkable variety of outstanding shooting venues for doves and pigeons in northern San Luis province. Argentina is the 8th-largest country in the world and, for the traveling sportsman its hunting opportunities are as diverse as its landscapes.

Contact Elaine Wissolik to learn more about El Monte Lodge and to reserve your spot today.

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