Europe – Driven Shoots Across Europe for 2019

Great European Driven Shoots Open to Single Guns this Season

It’s tough to put together a private line of guns in Europe. Trying to find 8-12 friends who can all shoot the same dates is becoming more and more difficult. Frontiers has been working hard to offer open lines to our discriminating clientele. We have some wonderful options for your consideration this autumn. Whether you want to come as a single or bring a friend or two, please review the openings listed below. Several shoots are also great if you want to bring a non-shooting companion. Now is your time to shoot in Europe! The pageantry and challenge of driven shooting is so exciting. Please join us this fall.

September 9 – 14: Denmark, Mallards – One gun

October 21 – 26*: Spain – Ventosilla, Partridge – Four guns

November 10 – 14: Scotland, Pheasant and some Partridge – Four guns

December 5 – 7: Spain – Ventosilla, Partridge – Five guns

*Hosted by Mike & Kristene Fitzgerald

Contact Mike Fitzgerald for rates and additional details

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