Europe - European Wingshooting – 2021/2022 Open Line Dates for Single Guns


There is something very special about experiencing a first-class driven shoot in Europe. The lore and tradition, combined with exquisite field services and fast-flying partridges, pheasants, and mallards, create an unforgettable shoot. We have operated on the great estates of Europe for over four decades. Sound advice based on your budget and shooting objectives is the foundation of our services, but there is so much more that today's shooting community desires for their convenience. With an Office in the UK, we know how to provide these services as well as anyone. These shoots are also exceptional for non-hunting companions.

It’s tough to find 8-10 hunting friends who call all travel together at the same time for a private line of guns. Each year, we are getting more and more requests for single guns or small parties (2-4 guns) who would like to join an open line. Most of our operators are starting to offer dates for our clients to discover the majesty of European bird hunting. Here are some open dates for the upcoming in Spain and France:  

Spain: Ventosilla is one of the famous Spanish shoots, and its reputation is rightly earned. Home to the first-ever driven partridge shoot in Spain held in 1884. It does not get more traditional than this. The Palace was built in the 15th century by the wealthy and powerful cardinals of Toledo as their private hunting estate, and their descendants still own and run the estate to this day. Ventosilla has 60 drives covering many thousands of acres enabling guests to decide what type of birds and shooting they would like to experience.

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Open dates for single guns 80-100 partridge per gun per day:  
November 1 & 2  
December 10 & 11  
January 10 & 11  
February 23 & 24  

France: Noted for noble wines and excellent cuisine, France also offers challenging driven shooting for pheasant, partridge, and mallards from maize cover crops, lakes, and mature woodlands amidst centuries-old vineyards, all within walking distance of the incredibly comfortable Chateau de Villette. The emphasis is on sporting days with drives designed to produce a variety of quality, high-flying birds that will test the gunners' skills. These drives are conducted under the watchful eye of property owner Coen Stork and the English gamekeeper. A delicious lunch is served each day at the chateau. Guests are treated to gourmet dining, exceptional wines, fine accommodations, and exquisite service.  
Open dates for single guns – 2 Days 500 pheasant, partridge, and mallard up to 8 guns:  

  • October 9 & 10          
  • October 23 & 24                    
  • November 27 & 28  
  • December 18 & 19 – 250 driven pheasant, partridge and duck, and 20 wild boar  
  • January 8 & 9 -- 250 driven pheasant, partridge and duck, and 20 wild boar  

Check out our France video here

Please contact Mike Fitzgerald for pricing and booking details. 

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