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Three Open Lines of Guns to Join With Frontiers in Europe 2020/2021

The exciting Frontiers rebooking period has now started for the 2020/2021 shooting season throughout Europe, and it is wonderful to see such demand. For further information on the three open lines that we currently have, please see below. With access to some of the most exceptional private estates in the UK and Europe, now is the time to speak to us. 

Red Grouse Shooting – September 10 and 11, 2020, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Are you looking to shoot red grouse next season? Frontiers has a very special and unique opportunity for our clients. The famous “Glorious 12th” marks the opening day of the red grouse shooting season in the UK and runs through December 10 each year. Often referred to as the pinnacle of a shooting career and considered to be the king of the game birds.

Red grouse are entirely wild birds unique to the British Isles with strongholds in the uplands of northern England and Scotland. Unlike other members of the grouse family, when they are flushed, they will fly a very long way at speeds of 40 to 70 mph depending on the winds. They also fly low, presenting a challenge like no other game bird. This is in part due to their famous moorland or heather habitat, which has no trees or bushes to encourage the birds to land. It is their willingness to fly these long distances at a speed which makes driven grouse shooting possible and so special and why it is considered the most impressive and challenging of all game bird shooting.

Frontiers has secured a line of guns for back-to-back days in Yorkshire, for the 2020 red grouse season, single guns or a full team of guns are welcome. Get in touch to find out more information. 

Mallard Shooting – September 21 - 26, 2020 Denmark

The perfect destination for shooters and non-shooters both to enjoy a traditional shooting experience within the beautiful Danish Countryside, a different shoot over the space of four days, what better way to see historic and charming Danish estates. All within easy reach of Copenhagen.

Experience superior sporting-quality game birds while being hosted by an old Frontiers friend and Danish shooting director, Jens Torp. In Denmark, shooting is a primary venue for both the veteran shooter, as well as the first-time gunner. Teamed with exceptional accommodations and gourmet cuisine, without formality, tick another European shooting destination off your list. 

Join Frontiers on a four-day, five-night shooting program, with easy access from all over the USA to Copenhagen, with all transfers, hotel bookings, permits, gun hire, and cartridges being taken care of by our team of experts to create a seamless and enjoyable trip. 

Scottish Pheasant Shooting – November 16 - 18, 2020, Scotland

Fancy exploring Scotland, while adding some shooting to your trip? The camaraderie, traditions and the consistently exhilarating sport continues to draw people to Scotland from all around the world. Pheasants and partridges are the mainstays of the sport during the autumn and winter months throughout the UK, allow Frontiers help to arrange a visit to beautiful Scotland. 

Frontiers has secured a line of guns on an exceptional shoot, covering four different estates within an area classed as the sporting centre of Scotland. All of the estates offer different and interesting topography, which enables the shoots to present birds of exceptional height and quality, in substantial numbers, while at the same time providing drives, with varying characteristics. 

Join the line of guns offered by Frontiers and experience a stay in magnificent private accommodation with beautiful surroundings, or alternatively, shooters can stay in local and often historic hotels in small market towns scattered around Scotland and located just 40 minutes from Edinburgh International Airport, travel to the Borders is extremely easy. Get in touch with us now to secure a space on this line and allow us to arrange the trip of a lifetime. 

Please contact Mike Fitzgerald or Loren Booker now for more details on this shoot or any other shooting location that you would like to tick off the list for 2020. 

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