European Wingshooting - At a Glance

Reflecting on the Past, and Looking Forward to the Future

Since 1976, Frontiers has led the US travel industry in offering the best quality and most diversified bird shooting in Europe, creating fantastic hunting and shooting trips for our loyal clients. Up until very recently, we were very excited for the next booking season, preparing for what should be the most brilliant shooting season yet.

We offer our clients exclusive grouse shooting on moors in Scotland and Northern England. We’ve hosted trips to Spain, shooting across five of the main lodges in the country. In France, we have led—and will continue to lead—the way for shooting pheasants and hunting boar. We have also arranged and hosted trips for Irish snipe and Danish ducks. These are some of the trips we covered last year, and we continue to expand to new destinations while offering the core programs that the EWS department represents.

During this difficult time, the EWS team would like to thank our clients for their support. The strong EWS team is not resting on its laurels; we are busy behind the scenes making sure our connections and links to the best of European wingshooting remain strong, and our travel pre-trip, itinerary, and recommendation documents are polished.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, European driven shooting prospects have never been in better health, and last season was one of our most popular seasons yet. We’ve spoken to our partner shoots and estates, and they are still expecting to receive the poults in good time for the season. The keepers are doing their daily rounds, and estate owners are positive about this coming season.

Here at Frontiers, we are staying strong and readying ourselves for when we can all soon enjoy our field sports and hunting once again. For many years now, Frontiers have witnessed our guests come to Europe for the first time, fall in love with driven shooting, and embark on their journey through the wonderful world of international hunting. We’ve been with them every step of the way, helping them continue traveling to the best Europe has to offer and keeping their guns and equipment in Europe for their regular use and convenience.

Whether you are an intact private team of guns or an individual shooter looking for an opening in the line, we will exceed your expectations and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. Mike and Loren are here to help you in any way they can to ensure the run-up to an amazing European shooting journey will be an exciting prospect, for when the clouds break!

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