European Wingshooting – Frontiers Team Update

Meet Loren Booker

On January 1, 2019, we were delighted to welcome Loren Booker to the USA and UK European Wingshooting team. Loren’s main role within Frontiers is all things shooting! From advice on your choice of shoot to moving or storing guns, arranging permits, organizing loaders or creating fantastic day trips for non-shooting companions, Loren will be able to make your shooting trip to Europe as straightforward and convenient as possible. 

Loren grew up on a family farm in Shropshire, England, where she was introduced to field sports from a young age. While at the Royal Agricultural College, she was involved with shoot days at home and with friends. This continued into her work where she has arranged shooting and hunting trips throughout her career. 

Loren’s personal experience with a large number of estates and shoots across the UK and Europe has proved invaluable in her role as sales and administrator for all European Wingshooting. Loren has personal experience with our Scottish, North of England, Danish, and Spanish programs, along with fishing experience, after visiting the incomparable Ponoi earlier this year and catching a very respectable amount of fish!

Why Frontiers?

With Loren joining us, our EWS services have never been stronger; clients will receive impartial advice on driven shoots from our experienced team, including Loren, many of whom live and travel extensively throughout Europe. Our team have grown up shooting and are experts on travel logistics with guns. The team can arrange meet and greet services as well as organize essential shooting permits, insurance, and individual gun hire. Loren can take the sting out of traveling with guns and help move your guns around the world or store them in the UK from season to season (along with all your gear) and deliver them to where you need them the next season. Enjoy chauffeur/loader-driven transfers to and from shoots and expert instructors in the field, if needed. These are all services that Loren and the team can arrange on your behalf, making your shooting trip to Europe never easier. 

The exciting rebooking period has started for the 2020/2021 season, and it is wonderful to see such demand; we advise clients to contact us with their preferred dates to ensure availability. Working alongside Mike Fitzgerald, Loren will be responsible for all EWS shooting inquiries and aims to make your European shooting experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. 

Feel free to reach out to Loren via email at LB@frontierstrvl.co.uk or call her directly on 44 (0) 1285 700 940 (option 2, option 3). She will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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