Exclusive Prime-Season Availability at Villa Maria Lodge, Argentina

Full Week Opens at Villa Maria Lodge for Sea Run Brown Trout on the Rio Grande: March 1-8, 2024 (6 Rods Available)

Villa Maria Lodge on the lower Rio Grande has had a group cancel March 1-8, 2024 for all 6 rooms. This week is perfect for an intact lodge buy-out or an angler configuration.

Villa Maria Lodge is the lowest lodge and closest to the sea on the famous lower Rio Grande for giant sea-run brown trout. Situated on the Estancia José Menéndez, where the river broadens and pools become long slicks of “trouty” holding water, Villa Maria offers you the first shot at fish entering the system fresh from the sea. You will encounter bright sea-runs on strictly controlled estancia water.

Operating on a Friday-to-Friday fishing week Villa Maria is a perfect destination to add a second week of fishing at Laguna Verde, Kau Tapen, Bella Sofia Lodge, Northern Patagonia, or golden dorado fishing in northeastern Argentina.

Villa Maria Lodge offers six bedrooms and bathrooms for just six guests weekly including single rooms and shared guides as standard. Each day, you relish traditional Argentine waterfront meals and siesta at the River House perched high on a bluff affording a stunning view of the fabled Rio Grande.

Rods are offered for 2024 on a first come first deposited basis. Please contact Hank Ingram (US) or Roddy Hall (UK) for more information, rates, and logistic quotes.

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