Frontiers-Exclusive Week at Alphonse Island Lodge (Seychelles) - New Moon, Jan 21-28, 2023

Frontiers Travel has an exclusive week at the lodge that started it all in the Seychelles – Alphonse Island Lodge.  The week selected is based on the moon phase and tides and will offer excellent species diversity – bonefish, GTs, triggers, milkfish, and so many more - on the St. Francois flats catering to just 12 anglers weekly. 

The luxurious, sustainability-minded resort offers anglers two accommodation selections:

  • Beach bungalows perfect for single rooms surf-side or
  • Slightly larger beach suites, ideal for couples to enjoy discrete privacy and just steps away from the pristine beaches and welcoming sea

As always Frontiers Travel will oversee all travel arrangements door-to-door and make all necessary suggestions and arrangements in Mahe and Alphonse.  This is a spectacular week hand-picked with a like-minded, well-traveled group of anglers and non-anglers in a tropical paradise offering the best flats fishing in the world.  What could be better?

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