The Pacific Coast of Guatemala is quite possibly the world's best destination for Pacific Sailfish. Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, and a variety of other species can also be found here year-round.

Fishing: Fishing is based out of the coastal town of Iztapa and employs tournament style boats ranging from 32ft up to 40ft. The huge numbers of sailfish make them the most common target here, but other species are also found in good numbers. Because of the high numbers of shots and experience of the captains and crew, this is our recommended destination for catching sailfish on a fly.

Other Activities: Guatemala is a beautiful country, and many visitors will build in a stop in Antigua Town (a historic colonial town and Unesco World Heritage Site) for a day or two. First Class hotels are available for those wishing to overnight here. Volcano tours are also a popular activity.

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The Sailfishing Capital of the World Also Has Consistently Calm Waters

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