Introducing All New Brooks Creek Ranch: Unparalleled Dry Fly Fishing for Cutthroat Trout


Fernie, Canada | Stunning Views & Fewer Crowds

Located just across the border in British Columbia less than two hours from Kalispel, Montana, Fernie is a charming mountain town located in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. It is known for its stunning natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a welcoming community. While some may know of the area for its biking or skiing, Fernie is a prime destination for fly fishing enthusiasts, with its pristine rivers and breathtaking scenery. Nearby rivers such as the Elk offer reliable fishing for beautiful Westlope cutthroat trout. There are also numerous creeks and rivers that hold bull trout. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to learn, the area offers a wealth of fly fishing opportunities to explore and enjoy. Brooks Creek Ranch is a new lodge offering the traveling angler a high-quality, full-service experience like never before in Fernie.

The Elk River is the most famous water in the Fernie area, known for its cutthroat trout and generally reliable hatches. It is an excellent dry fly fishery. The Elk also holds bull trout, which can be legally pursued on the fly there. Often guides will keep a heavier stream rod in the boat rigged and ready for anglers who want to take a few casts in the deeper pools that may hold bulls. Aside from its fish, the Elk is prized for its stunning scenery. In addition to the Elk River, there are many other nearby rivers and streams that offer excellent fly fishing opportunities. Some popular options include the Wigwam River, Bull River, and the St. Mary River. There is a mixture of walk-and-wade and float fishing opportunities from Brooks Creek Ranch.

Independently powered and sustainable, the lodge features spectacular amenities in complete seclusion bordered by stunning views of Mt. Hosmer and Three Sisters range. The lodge comfortably accommodates up to six guests weekly with inclusive single ensuite rooms, well-appointed living spaces, and attractive amenities like a hot tub and game room. A focal point of the lodge is its expansive deck, which offers stuffing view of the mountains. Any angler looking for more action can make a short walk down the hill for a few extra casts at the lodge home pool on the Elk. The season at Brooks Creek Ranch begins on July 2nd and runs through October 20th.

We love this destination for:

  • Anglers that love dry fly fishing or want to catch a bull trout on a fly rod
  • Anglers wanting a convenient trout fishing trip with fewer crowds compared to many other well-known domestic destinations
  • Single, double, or intact groups. The 6-person maximum makes it relatively easy to book the entire lodge (although we expect the demand here to be high and for dates to go quickly).
  • Anglers and travelers who appreciate beautiful surroundings and vistas

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