Join Bonefish & Tarpon Trust's Project Mangrove Trip at Abaco Lodge

Join BTT October 10-15, 2024, for an unforgettable package of lodging, fishing, and hands-on mangrove planting. In 2019, Hurricane Dorian devastated the crucial mangroves of the famous Abaco Marls. Since then, Nervous Waters’ Abaco Lodge has been deeply involved in mangrove restoration through their mangrove nursery and partnership with BTT. What's more, 50% of the package revenue will be donated to BTT! 

Abaco Lodge is one of our favorites in the Bahamas. The lodge is offering a special week focusing on habitat stewardship and education!  October can also provide incredible fishing since the flats have been well rested since mid-summer. 

Hurricane Dorian unleashed its fury on the northern Bahamas just over four years ago, leaving Abaco Lodge, Marsh Harbour, and much of Grand Bahama in ruins. Although the island’s infrastructure and communities have made strides in recovery, the lingering scars from the floodwaters still require our attention and aid. The vital mangroves of the Marls, essential for the fishery and ecosystem, sustained severe damage. These coastal forests act as critical nurseries for juvenile fish and offer protection against storm surges.

What to Expect:

- Normal fishing trip with evening meetings on BTT’s work and mangrove significance.

- Daily mangrove plantings during low tides.

Why Join?

- 50% of the week’s revenue will be donated to BTT.

- Special gifts from partner brands Fishpond USA, Costa Sunglasses, Rio Products & Sage.

- Support a cause while enjoying a memorable week of accommodations and fishing.

Join BTT at Abaco Lodge in October for this Conservation Week!  For additional details, availability and pricing, please contact Hank Ingram

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