Join us in Europe this 2022 season! There are a number of open line dates

If you want to experience the lore and tradition of driven shooting in Europe, Frontiers has a number of open lines that you can join as an individual gun or with a small party, as opposed to organizing a full private line.  Join us for:

  • Pheasants with Eskdale Shooting in the Borders Region of Scotland or
  • A wonderful mixed-bag pheasant, partridge, and mallard shoot at Chateau de Villette in Burgundy, France or
  • Head to incredible weather and the challenging high-volume partridge hunting at the famed estates in Spain: Ventosilla Castle, Ventas Quemadas and one of our other favorites, Los Melonares near Seville.

Dates are available from October through December in Scotland and France.  In Spain, the season runs well into March.  We have great options for a variety of budgets. Contact us to learn more.  

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