Loren Booker

Loren Booker

Administrator for European Shooting

+44 (0) 1285 700 940

Administrator for UK and European Shooting Trips.

Loren grew up in a family farm in Shropshire where she was introduced to country sports from a young age. Whilst at the Royal Agricultural College, she was involved with shoot days at home and with friends, this continued into her work where she has arranged shooting and hunting trips. 

Loren has personal experience of a large number of estates and shoots across the UK & Europe, which is invaluable in her role as Lead Administrator for all European Wing Shooting and as PA to Tarquin Millington-Drake.




Classic estate shoots for mallards and driven pheasants pioneered by Frontiers!

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Grouse Shooting (Aug - Dec)

Most agree that driven grouse is the pinnacle of driven game shooting

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Driven Shooting - Main Season (Nov - Jan)

The heart of the pheasant shooting season

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Driven Shooting - Early Season (Sept - Oct)

Driven grouse, partridge, pheasants and duck - the season gets underway...

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Our Services

We do not just arrange shooting, there is a whole lot more we can do for you...

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How to speak 'driven shooting'

Understanding the terminology within driven shooting...

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La Cuesta - Partridge Shooting

Perhaps the highest partridges in Spain...

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2019 Bird Shooting & Big Game Hunting Guide

Featuring destinations in South America, Europe, South Africa, United States and New Zealand