Mexico – Campeche Tarpon Bay & Holbox Lodge – Summer Tarpon Fishing in Mexico

It’s Prime Time for the Silver King

Are you looking for a great destination for a spur of the moment fishing trip this summer or early fall? I know where I am going! I’ll be there hosting seven clients in early August and our tackle partner, Pat Ehlers of Fly Fishers Fly Shop in Milwaukee, will be there as well, hosting a group of his clients. Where are we going, you ask? Campeche, to fish for one of the most exciting fish to catch on a fly, the acrobatic tarpon! No matter the size, no other fish can match the aerial show a tarpon puts on when trying to dislodge the hook. They go crazy — violent head shakes, backflips, jump after jump, upside down, right side up. It’s impossible not to get a burst of adrenaline after hooking one of these chrome acrobats.  

You’ll be sight-casting over an ecologically diverse mix of grass-covered flats, mangrove-lined lagoons, and scenic lazy tidal rivers. The typical fishing day runs from approximately 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., leaving plenty of time to explore the city and enjoy the great restaurants it has to offer during the late afternoon and evenings.    

The city of Campeche is on the western side of the Yucatan. A fascinating area rich in Mayan and Spanish history, it’s a classic example of a 17th-century walled city. Founded by the Spanish in 1540 the city was named San Francisco de Campeche. As one of the most important seaports of its time, a fortified wall was built around the city to ward off constant attacks by pirates. Some of it still stands today and can be seen when visiting Old Town Campeche and other parts of the city. There is something truly special about this town, the city of statues and its historical monuments. It is picturesque, clean, and safe with amazing architecture, great restaurants, fantastic sunsets, and a great place to wander around to see what you can discover! Check out Campeche on our website for more information here.

Another great tarpon fishing option is Holbox Fly Fishing Lodge located on Isla Holbox, a small island situated northwest of Cancun. While development is slowly coming to the island, it so far has escaped the spread of mega hotels and glitzy resorts so common in the Cancun, Riviera Maya and Tulum area.  Aside from resident baby tarpon, Holbox adds to the mix during the summer months with the influx of large migrating tarpon, with 100+ pound fish being caught regularly over the course of the summer months of June through August. The beautiful white sand beaches, warm ocean waters, fabulous food, and friendly local island culture also makes it a great place to take a non-angler spouse or partner, especially since they go free of charge. Check out our Holbox website for more information here.

For additional information on either of these destinations or to book a trip today, please contact the program manager, Bob Artzberger.