Mexico - The Xflats at Tierra Maya - Fishing Report

Permit and Other Species Back In Record Numbers

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and great spirits. It’s been a tough year for everyone who, like me, loves to travel in pursuit of fly fishing and great times. However, I am pleased to report to you all that we are open and operating at full strength this season. We are taking all the necessary precautions to keep you safe. You can find the extensive information regarding COVID protocol on our website to keep your stay at the lodge as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Now, I want to talk about some fun and exciting things happening here at the Xflats in 2021!

First of all, I am thrilled to announce that we are now offering flight services to Mahahual! Of course, many of you do not mind the drive from Cancun, and you might even enjoy the permit banter and the beautiful smooth ride, but for others, the drive is a little long. So we have teamed up with a very experienced charter flight company to set up roundtrip private flights from Cancun airport to Mahahual. The flight is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, and it will drop you 45 minutes away from our front door. The cost depends entirely upon the size of your group and the weight allowance of the two different sized planes.

For those of you still reading, I will get to the part that everyone cares about: the fishing report!


It’s simple, folks. There are permit everywhere in Xcalak right now. The dramatic drop in pressure to an already low-pressure fishery has resulted in permit numbers I could not have even fathomed. No lying, on this day, as I am writing this newsletter to you fine folks, I caught two permit on the flat in front of the lodge. There have not been any groups since last March that have not caught permit while visiting the lodge. The fishing is fantastic!. It might just be the perfect time to catch permit. Possibly the only bright side of this pandemic is the phenomenal permit fishing!

Many have been asking how the travel has been overall to and from Mexico since the beginning of the pandemic. I personally have travelled from Colorado to Cancun now five times since March. It has been very easy. In fact, it’s been easier than normal, since the lines in customs are much shorter right now! You will have your temperature taken right after immigration, but most don’t even notice! You simply walk through a hallway before baggage claim that has a scanner, and the scanner will take your temperature as you walk by. No one I know has been flagged. However, I am told that if your temperature runs over 102 degrees, it is possible that they will hold you for additional health screenings and possibly even give you a COVID test. No mandatory quarantines or Mexican COVID jails of any kind.

One final note: as many of you already know, the lodge now has air conditioning in all of the rooms for your nighttime enjoyment! No longer is it mandatory to suffer at night when the fishing conditions are great. There are also dehumidifiers to dry out your lucky fishing shirt every night. For those of you who still prefer the ocean breeze and sticky nights, you can open the big balcony doors to the ocean and enjoy!

To those of you who have already been here to The Xflats during my three years of ownership, I thank you. I really look forward to seeing you again soon! I love the stories, the cornhole tournaments, the card games, and the fly-tying competitions with you fine people. May the good times keep on rolling! For those of you who have not yet been down to this beautiful neck of the woods, please do yourself a favor and come catch a buzz, a laugh, a great meal, and some beautiful permit here in this paradise.

Please contact Frontiers for more information on The Xflats and private charters to the lodge.

Safety, health, and happiness to all you fishy people. 


Jesse Colten
Owner/ Operator
The Xflats

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