Incredible Flats Fishing just South of the Border.

If you like amazing flats fishing for the grand slam species close to home then the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico should be on your destination list. The Yucatan's pristine biospheres are made up of long flats, endless mangrove chains, and small islands that are home to schools of tarpon, permit, bonefish, and snook. Fabled locals like Ascension Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay, and Chetumal Bay get returning anglers laser-focused on catching the finicky permit while tarpon enthusiasts return to Campeche or Isla Blanca to hunt these baby and juvenile fish. Comfortable air-conditioned lodges or hotels will make your stay as good off the water as it is on the water. The ease of travel to Cancun makes this destination a must-see.

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Campeche Tarpon Bay


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Casa Blanca Fishing Lodge

The Casa Blanca experience: top-notch fishing, accommodations, cuisine, service

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Grand Slam Fishing Lodge

Near the Village of Punta Allen - Great Fishing and Modern Accommodations.

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Los Cabos - Rancho Leonero Resort

East Cape Baja Peninsula – Featuring a variety of bluewater species and more

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Playa Blanca Lodge

30 minutes south of sister lodge, Casa Blanca, on Punta Pajaros, Mexico

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Los Cabos - Southern Baja Peninsula

Southern Baja Peninsula – Mexico’s most sought after travel destination

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The Xflats at Tierra Maya

Experience Xcalak, Mexico and Chetumal Bay – Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Permit

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Ascension Bay Lodge

Great location in Punta Allen and the Famed Ascension Bay Fishery

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Fin Chasers

Great Flats Program North of Cancun at Isla Blanca in Mar Caribe Biosphere

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Palometa Club

Northern Ascension Bay’s Premier Fishing Lodge

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