The Kingdom of Norway presents wild rivers offering the opportunity for the Atlantic Salmon of a lifetime.

We have all read the stories and seen the photographs of unimaginably huge Atlantic salmon from days gone by as well as more modern times. These huge fish and the stories that surround them cannot help but tempt any Atlantic salmon fisher to give Norway a try at least once. Just to fish those mighty waters where history has been made with mountains towering over the river. In truth, those that caught those mighty fish were lucky so why should we not be lucky today, the huge salmon still run Norway’s mighty rivers though there are more people trying than in the good old days. To maximise your chances you will need the best advice and with three decades of experience we’ll be glad to help you.

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The Malselv, Northern Norway

Good private salmon beats on a very pretty northern Norway river

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Norwegian Flyfishers Club, Gaula

Classic Norwegian big water salmon fishing...

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Boen Gard

Southern Norway salmon fishing on an historic estate.

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