Now is the Time to Book Your 2021 Alaska Fishing Trip

The 2020 Alaska fishing season was an uncertainty, to say the least. Many lodges faced the grim prospect of closing their doors for the entirety of the 2020 season, most by no choice of their own. Many remained optimistic. Through monumental efforts from the State of Alaska, Alaska Fish and Game, and the sportfishing community/lodges, they managed to implement acceptable health and safety measures to allow the last half of the sportfishing season to operate for some lodges.

The challenges will continue with availability being scarce for 2021. Many lodges transferred their entire rosters to 2021, leaving limited or no availability. Not to worry, I do have a list of current availability with some of the best fishing lodges for 2021. These dates won't last long, so if Alaska is a priority for next summer, let's get started now.

The Alaska fishing season starts the second week of June, and we fish well into October. We also have outstanding steelhead options in May and October for those who live to chase big chromers in the 35" range.

We represent lodges of all varieties sure to fulfill your vision of the ultimate Alaskan fishing trip. From luxury lodges to comfortable tent camps, we have something for everyone. Some offer daily fly-out trips to fish a different river every day, and some are fixed position lodges where you'll fish from the lodge by boat daily. Whatever your interest, whatever your species preference, we have an option.

For those looking to extend their stay in Alaska, we have numerous trip options to view some of the world's most spectacular landscapes and view wildlife both on land and sea. Denali National Park, Kenai Fjords, flightseeing tours, and more for those who want a lifetime trip experience.
To learn more about a lodge that is right for you or your group, contact Tom Gilliland at Frontiers to discuss your ideal Alaskan adventure.

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