Peacock Bass – Private waters in Brazil for freshwater big game fishing

Many anglers consider peacock bass fishing as the ultimate in freshwater big game fishing. The jungle experience alone is worthy of the journey; however, the moment you connect with your first peacock bass, you’ll realize this fish is built with pure adrenaline. It’s quite shocking to feel the strength of this fish, and it’s the type of battle that is often won or lost in the first 10 seconds. The peacock is a territorial intimidator with a killer instinct, but it’s also very social. They will school with others similar in size throughout their life.

As the current season is winding down, now is the time to plan and book for next season, especially the options for private waters controlled exclusively by our outfitters. We have choices for both spin and fly anglers that will put you into an environment rich with a diversity of jungle fish species that are eager to take your fly or lure. While you will primarily target peacock bass, you never know what you will catch next. That is part of the excitement.
The Brazilian Amazon is truly a wild place – many forget that there are environments which do not respond to the flick of a switch or the push of a button. The Amazon rainforest is one of those places. It will leave a lifelong impression, not just for the fishing, but for all you will witness during your week.
Agua Boa Amazon Lodge – This is a fly fishing only lodge. Guests will stay in air-conditioned bungalows perched on a stunning plateau overlooking the clear Agua Boa River.  Cool off in the refreshing pool after a day on the river and relax in this tranquil sanctuary deep in the rainforest. 6 full days – Saturday to Saturday program. November to March. Large group discounts are available.
Rio Marie – This is fly fishing only on the famed Marie River in western Brazil during their regular season. This area is THE big fish mecca for those who want a serious shot at breaking the 20lb mark. Luxurious live-aboard yacht will move you to the best waters and tributaries during your trip in this region of the Amazon. 6 full days – Saturday to Saturday program, the fishing season normally runs from August to February. December and January weeks open for spin fishing groups.
Riverplate Anglers - This is the pioneer of isolated bass fishing in Brazil and developed the floating cabins concept that allows access to shallow water rivers. Conventional tackle and fly anglers are both welcome with this outfitter. 6 full days – Saturday to Saturday program. July to March. Single accommodation barges are available.
Travel to Brazil is not complicated and there is no longer that irritating tourist Visa to navigate. All groups will be met upon arrival in Manaus, Brazil and will remain under the careful eye of the outfitter from start to finish for all these trips. Contact Tom Gilliland or Tarquin Millington-Drake to learn more about these destinations.

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