Pesca Panama Liveaboard Availability

If you are an angler that values species diversity and a bit of adventure, then consider this - on the last Frontiers hosted trip to Pesca Panama, the group landed a staggering 32 different species of fish. This is a destination where you never know what is going to take a bait or crush a popper.

The Pesca Panama “Lodge” is a barge named Hannibal-after the world-famous fishing grounds found off the Pacific coast of Panama. This liveaboard will typically be anchored off Coiba Island, making for short runs to the famed Hannibal Bank or even shorter jaunts to the unpressured nearshore fishery surrounding this beautiful National Park. The fishing takes place from 27ft Ocean Masters. Like most of our Bluewater destinations, this is best suited to versatile anglers who will be comfortable with conventional tackle but also enjoy throwing a fly when the opportunity arises. Pesca Panama has 3 rooms and boats available March 31-April 5.

Accommodations onboard the Hannibal are made up of 4 rooms-each with 2 sets of bunkbeds, and 2 shared bathrooms. We recommend 2 or 3 anglers per room and fishing boat for maximum comfort, but 4 is possible and makes for a great option for families or parents and children. Anglers will arrive at Panama City one day prior to the start of the trip on Saturday, March 30. Your overnight accommodations in Panama City are included in the cost of the trip.

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