Hunting for Pigeons

There are 2 main types of pigeons that are shot in Argentina. The Picazuro Pigeon (grand pigeon), and the Spotted Wing (Rock Pigeon) and they appear in varying numbers in different areas. They can be excellent sport and decoy, very well being grain and leaf feeders like their European cousins. They are more concentrated in Argentina and can therefore be shot more predictably at certain times of year.

How Frontiers Can Help Your Dream Pigeons Become a Reality 

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Where can you hunt for Pigeons?

The best pigeon shooting in Argentina is in the San Luis and Cordoba provinces. You can also hunt from them in the UK.

What guns for a pigeon hunt?

Two 12, 20 or 28 gauge shotguns are best for pigeon shooting – one to shoot and one as a spare.

What kit for a pigeon hunt?

Cartridges should be 28 or 30 g 6 or 7 shot. Dark clothing and a hat are important because pigeons are very wary.

Ask The Expert

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in South America wingshooting and Mongolia fishing programs.

Senior Program Manager

Specializes in Alaska and Canada fishing, and South America fishing and big game programs.

Department Manager

Specializes in South America fishing and shooting departments. Plus, fishing in Mongolia and Canada.

UK Managing Director


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