Prime Rods Available at a Top Icelandic Salmon River

The Nordura River is annually one of Iceland’s top-producing salmon rivers – often in the top five in terms of total catch each season. A few prime dates have just become available and are open to those who want to target Atlantic salmon in the land of fire and ice. June is when the season opens and is trophy time. Large salmon - often 10-pound and greater - enter the river first so if you are looking for a chrome monster then these are your dates. There are not many fish in the river but those who are will be the largest of the season. Early season typically means higher water making it a good time for those who like to throw light two-handed rods. July is prime time for grilse runs and when the real action happens.  If you want to have a good number of shots at fresh fish then these are your best dates. The summer water levels mean you can fish this river with 9-foot 7 & 8-weight rods.


  • June 18-21 (2 rods)
  • June 21-24 (2 rods)
  • July 12-15 (2 rods)
  • July 15-18 (2 rods)
  • July 18-21 (2 rods)

For more information, please contact destination specialist Ben Hoffman.

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