Remote Flats Fishing Aboard the Zapata Mothership, Cuba

Experience a remote flats fishery aboard the Zapata mothership in Cuba. We have two rods available (shared room) for the Zapata Live-aboard, June 8-15, 2024. The new moon is on June 6 which offers good tides and generally, good fishing opportunities. This is a great time for tarpon fishing in this area, with good numbers of fish and some larger tarpon more likely to be on the outside flats. You may also encounter large cubera snapper, permit, bonefish, and snook throughout the fishery.

Known for numerous bird and flats species alike, this area of Cuba has been compared by some to the Florida Everglades. Anglers appreciate the diversity of fishing scenarios here, with opportunities to fish deeper flats from shared Dolphin skiffs or shallower flats and backcountry lagoons from single Dolphin skiffs. There are also opportunities to wade fish for permit, bonefish, and even sometimes snook and tarpon depending on the conditions and angler preferences.

The mothership program allows for an immersive experience on the south side of Cuba. Each morning, the sunrise greets you over an expansive breakfast. Afterwards, you’ll appreciate the shorter boat runs to the fishing grounds and the accommodating guides and staff that make your stay comfortable and memorable.  Perhaps best of all, you will never feel like you need to hustle or beat another lodge’s boats to a spot. When many traveling anglers are looking to get away from the crowds, the Zapata mothership is an excellent option with access limited to this fishery.

Cost: $6,000 per person

Dates: June 8-15, 2024

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