Scotland - November Pheasant Shooting

Allow Frontiers to help arrange your next shooting trip to beautiful Scotland. A destination renowned for its fieldsports—especially pheasant and partridge shooting—Scotland has something for everyone. Shooters from around the world are lured to the hills, moors, and straths time and time again to enjoy a premium sporting week. 

The camaraderie, traditions, and consistently exhilarating sport continue to draw people from all around the world to Scotland. Pheasant and partridge are the mainstays of the sport during the autumn and winter months throughout the UK.

Frontiers has secured a line of guns on an exceptional shoot, covering four different estates within an area classed as the sporting centre of the Borders. All of the estates offer different and interesting topography, which enables the shoots to present birds of exceptional height and quality in substantial numbers, while at the same time providing drives, all with varying character.

Join the line of guns offered by Frontiers and experience a stay in magnificent, private accommodations with beautiful surroundings. Alternatively, stay in local and often historic hotels in small market towns scattered around Scotland, just 40 minutes from Edinburgh. International travel to the Borders is extremely easy. Get in touch with us to secure a space on this line, and allow us to arrange the trip of a lifetime. 

Please contact Mike Fitzgerald or Loren Booker for more details on this shoot or any other shooting location that you would like to check off your list in 2020.

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