Support a Legendary Belize Guide and His Family

It is with a heavy heart that Frontiers reaches out to our clients on behalf of Scully Garbutt and his wife Doret, and their eight-year-old son Javohn. The three are currently in Denver awaiting an appointment to see a neurosurgeon. The family has made the long journey from Belize to the states to seek the best medical treatment for Javohn, who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. We know this energetic young boy is in agony from terrible headaches and continues to have difficulty keeping food down. No eight-year-old should have to go through this type of pain and suffering.

As you can imagine, the treatment will be extremely expensive, even with a substantial discount offered by Children’s Hospital Colorado. Which is why a GoFundMe page has been set up, so we can all show our support for Scully and his family in this time of need.

If anyone knows Scully, Alex, Oliver, and Dennis Garbutt, we are sure you will realize that they are not only excellent flats guides, but truly wonderful and authentic people that are going through a very difficult time in their lives. We are sharing the link to their Go Fund Me page for any consideration that you might want to contribute.

Please visit the GoFundMe page by clicking here

Thank you for your help. Scully, Doret, Javohn, and the entire Garbutt family appreciate your support.

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