United Kingdom – Single Shoot Days for End of 2019 and Beginning of 2020

Current Driven Game Shooting Available in the UK for Single or Groups of Guns

Are you planning a festive visit to the UK? Allow Frontiers to arrange a day’s shooting or schedule a couple of days of shooting, on a variety of UK shooting estates.

By using Frontiers shooting concierge, allow us to take the stress out of air travel with guns, permit arrangements, luxury hotels, plus any activities for any non-shooters that wish to join you. Allow us to arrange a family visit, that all can enjoy. 

We have availability on the below dates:


2019 Shoot Dates

December 3 – 350 pheasant – One gun left – SW England

December 3 – 400 pheasant – Two guns left – SW England

December 5 – 400 mixed bag – Three gun left – SW England

December 13 – 350 mixed bag – Four guns left – SW England 

December 14 – 350 mixed bag – Five guns left – SW England 


2020 Shoot Dates

January 10 – 250 mixed bag – One gun left, Central England

January 21 – 300 pheasant – Eight guns left, NW England 

January 22 – 250 mixed bag – Three guns left, South of England 


Please get in touch with a Frontiers Destination Specialist for more information about these shoots.

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